Whether you’re moving, de-cluttering or downsizing
– think CRAFT

Craft can mean a lot of things to different people
– let us show you what we could mean to you!

A unique shop, based in Aberystwyth, where recycling comes
alive and you always leave with a great bargain.

Free Pick up 01970 626532

CRAFT in numbers

We’ve said ‘Hello’ to over 200,000 customers and
‘goodbye’ to over 500,000 items since 2006 / Picked up
furniture and items from 13,000 homes / Saved 1,546
from landfill – the equivalent of 387 adult
elephants, 10 Blue Whales
or 618,400 rabbits / If you
placed all of the wardrobes sold by CRAFT on top of one
another – they’d reach 5 times the height of Snowdon /
All of the books sold at CRAFT placed end to end would
reach from the shop all the way to Borth and would
contain 328 billion words / If you took the sofas sold at
CRAFT over the past five years – they’d stretch the
length of the Aberystwyth Promenade / For the 300,000
that alight at Aberystwyth Railway Station
each year, CRAFT is the first retail space they see /
Next time you use the station give us a wave!